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agentOS provides a comprehensive sales system; new processes for chain management and bespoke editable brochures are just a few of its unique features.

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Customisable Editable

Property brochures are one the most important tools that an estate agent has. agentOS gives you full control of your brochure designs using high resolution photo's within Microsoft Word templates. So you can create, edit and save all in Microsoft Word.


Find a whole marketing tab inside your property profile once you have carried out your appraisal, once done you can advertise your sale from here by the click of a button sending through to your portals. agentOS also gives you the option to create your brochures and window cards customised to your branding.

Transform your property listings with Online Brochures

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Use the applicant matcher feature in order to pick up on any applicants matching any properties you may have. This handy feature will then allow you to send out any properties they may have interest in.


A customisable sales progression checklist to make sure nothing is missed from instruction to sale completion with automatic creation of key letters, sales memorandum and chase letters to solicitors etc. Using your specific sales progression service types, you decide what is included in the checklist for the sales progression.

Chain Management

Chain Management

Manage sales chains in one easy place, making it simple to communicate across multi agent sales chain.

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