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Transform your property listings using

Online Brochures

Transform your property listings into captivating online brochures, serving as dynamic mini-websites for your clients’ properties available for sale or rent.

These digital brochures are crafted to surpass traditional word documents and PDFs, offering a modern alternative. Upon creation, they seamlessly integrate with major portals, ensuring widespread visibility for your listings.


All totally customisable with your brand colours to fit with your brand.

Driving traffic to your website

These online brochures are automatically produced when you create a property on agentOS and update with any changes you make when you make them. All actions lead back to your website driving up your google rankings.

They become your ‘Brochure’ on portals which drives traffic back to your website.  It automatically uploads this link to the portals as a brochure.

We can put all your past and present properties online. By having all your properties available for google to crawl this will help give your site and name enough gravitas to push you up the google rankings in your areas.  If you don’t want a property to appear, that is fully within your control to remove.

Call to Actions

The online brochure offers so many more ways to convert than just a simple ‘Book a Viewing’ request.

  • Add to Shortlist
  • Send Message
  • Book Viewing
  • Make Offer
  • Property Search
  • Rent your Home

Also these actions can be tailored and automated within agentOS. For example the book a viewing can book directly in to your diary.

We believe that the more calls to actions the more way to convert potential leads. 

Valuation USP

These online brochures are tailored to your brand offering every property their own mini-website.  Showcasing properties to their best advantage.

Beyond this, online brochures boast several key features, empowering potential clients to make offers, schedule viewings, add properties to their shortlist, or seamlessly continue their property search on your website.

Giving you an advantage at valuation.

For a personalised touch, we can tailor these brochures to your brand. We’ll incorporate your logos, integrate social media links, and establish direct connections to the property search on your website.


Elevate your property marketing strategy with our customisable, engaging online brochures.

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