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Property Management

All the tools you need to keep on top of your property management

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Inventories and

Manage and maintain your inventories and inspections from our handy quick access ladder features on each tenancy. This with help you keep track and add everything when and if you need to. You can also connect to your own inventory app.

Maintenance Management

Dedicated section for property managers to manage maintenance jobs in detail; move jobs through different statuses and email worksheets directly to contractors through agentOS. You can also provide your contractors with their own app to upload invoices.

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Certificate Management

Create and manage standard and custom types of certificate within agentOS, and receive automated reminders via a central in-tray; automatically generate courtesy reminder letters to landlords and tenants.

Key Management

Keep control of office and tenant sets of keys; records multiple sets and allows reporting on who has keys at any time.

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Custom Fields

You can add, remove, edit and position different types of fields and tabs so you can finally store all the information you want in exactly the format that you choose.

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